Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2nd Breakfast!

Neil over at Eternity Matters has this tip:

2nd breakfast - the 3rd most important meal of the day
Or it’s corollary, “3:00 – the 2nd most important snack time of the day.”
Important diet tip: Eat often.  Seriously.  If I eat often I eat much healthier.  I only crave things like McDonald’s if I’ve gone too long between meals.
If you eat often it is easier to eat smaller portions, because you won’t be starving.
Skipping meals = bad and counterproductive.
Eat often, but with smaller and healthier portions.  Try it.
P.S. I often eat a 2nd breakfast.  I’ll have my health shake on the way out the door around 5:45 then some cereal and/or yogurt around 9:00.  Mmmmmmm.