Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Better Bread, Low Price

About 2 years ago I went on a quest. The quest was to find a loaf of sliced bread that did not contain high fructose corn syrup. Now as you all know I am not a HFCS fanatic, that is I don't think it is as bad for you as some claim. But still I was upset that almost all bread products contain it.

I also was disappointed that bread products without it tended to be pricey. Not that nutrition and health isn't worth paying extra, but still, I should be able to get a HFCS-free loaf of bread for under $2.

Enter Arnold's 100% Whole Wheat bread.

Walmart sells it for $1.68 a loaf. PERFECT! Not only is is better for you, but it is less expensive than alternatives. (Aunt Millie's HFCS-free bread will cost you in excess of $3 a loaf!)

So next time you are in Walmart, pick up some Arnold Dutch Country bread and enjoy HFCS-free eating.