Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Handful Of Nuts

No this is not about my family, though they'd qualify. This is about one of the most nutritious, healthful snacks one can do for their bodies. A handful of nuts a day, unlike an apple, can keep the doctor away. More and more studies are showing that nuts are nutritional and healthy. No wonder early people that subsisted on nuts and berries (another healthful food) were so healthy. Of course, they got ate by wild animals but no one can live in a perfect world.

Almonds are the main star among nuts. Luckily for me they are my favorite! Remember, we are talking about 1 oz. a day, and the health benefits are astounding. I usually pay between $6-7 for a pound of raw almonds, and that pound last for about 2 weeks. Almonds have been shown to:

  • Provide good fat (omega 3, 6 and 9)
  • Provide fiber
  • Be high in antioxidants (kill those free radicals!)
  • Suppress appetite
Almonds tend to be very filling and satisfying which leads to the last point above. Eat a handful of almonds before lunch or dinner and you will eat less.

Other nuts are proving to be very beneficial too, so if you don't like almonds, try walnuts, cashews, or even peanuts. Just remember to watch sodium (salted nuts might cause you to take in too much) and even sugar (avoid "sweetened" nuts). Try to stick to them in their raw form for maximum health benefits.

If you are like me and love nuts, especially almonds, indulge and enjoy the healthful benefits. Just make sure not to over do it!

Here is more on the subject:


So go nuts and enjoy!


  1. Because I work at home, I try to keep healthy stuff around for snacking. Nuts are a big thing. I rotate between almonds and walnuts. I also like these dried plaintains I get from Trader Joe's. They satisfy my need for something salty without being salty.

  2. Good call on Trader Joe's! I am going to do a post dedicated to Trader Joe's in near future.


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