Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Salmon And Rice

Being on the Mediterranean diet, I have to eat as much fish as I can. Salmon is one of the best for you from a healthy fat standpoint, but it can also be pretty pricey. Factor in that wild caught is so much better for you than farm raised, and you can start getting into the $11/lb range fairly quickly.

However, I recently found frozen salmon, wild caught, at Walmart. A 1 lb bag is $4.29!! There are four individually wrapped pieces. You simply, put the vacuum sealed piece in a bowl of luke-warm water, a few minutes later it is thawed.

I like to season it with sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, and your favorite seasoning (Lawry's for me!), and then broil it in the toaster oven at 450 for about 9 minutes (until cooked through). I serve it over a bed of brown rice, seasoned with garlic salt (we have a grinder with dried garlic and sea salt) and a splash of olive oil.

You can have a side of your favorite vegetable as well (got to get as many veggies into your diet as possible). Quick, easy and healthy!

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  1. We had salmon patties last night, as a matter of fact. I buy them four to a pack at Trader Joe's for about the same price. Delicious. We put them over salad and avocados. I like your grinder idea with garlic and sea salt. I pretty much put garlic in just about everything.


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